CercleS Focus Groups meetings

The aims and objectives of the CercleS Focus Groups (CFG) meetings are to create synergies, stimulate networking and project activities, initiate workshops and seminars, prepare publications, etc. CFG were launched within the CercleS framework in 2009. For more information visit CercleS website at

CFG meetings in Brno:


Wednesday 14 January, 15:00 – 17:00, chairwoman Helena Šajgalíková
East Village Bar and Diner (Jaselská 2, Brno)
The meeting will deal primarily with the results of the survey on language teacher profile and the preliminary list of training provided for the teachers by individual universities and/or other bodies.   The participants will discuss (A.) the format of the documents containing the information collected on the LT profile, training available as well as interest in staff exchanges and (B.) activities of the FG III members in the next phase.


Thursday 15 January, 9:00 – 12:00, chairman Johann  Fischer
Conference venue, Assembly Hall (Room H)
Colleagues from language centres are invited to the CERCLES focus group meeting on testing and assessment to work on minimum standards for testing and assessing foreign languages in higher education contexts.


Friday 16 Januray, 12:45 – 14:00, chairman Thomas Vogel
Café “Kafe do vany” (Údolní 31, Brno)
There are two seemingly contradictory trends to be observed in the landscape of higher education in Europe. On the one hand there is the increasing use of English as a lingua franca for research and teaching. On the other hand the effects of globalization and migration become visible. University teachers, language teachers in particular, are confronted with students, who come to our institutions already as multilingual as well as multicultural individuals.

This new Focus Group would like to function as a platform for the exchange of ideas for colleagues who are interested in finding answers to the linguistic changes which affect higher education. The first aim would be to develop a consultation paper which connects the situation and challenges within higher education with the linguistic developments in our European societies at large.


Friday 16 January, 12:45 – 14:00, chairman Jaana Franti
Café “Kafe do vany” (Údolní 31, Brno)
The aim of the meeting is to promote, update and improve the guidelines for the organization of CercleS conferences and events.  Organisers of former and upcoming CercleS events are most welcome to join the group.

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