International Conference 2015: Language Centres in Higher Education

The Language Centre of Masaryk University is honoured to invite you to an international conference entitled

Language Centres in Higher Education:
Sharing Innovations, Research, Methodology and Best Practices

under the auspices of Mikuláš Bek, Rector of Masaryk University

January 15–17, 2015  in Brno.

Masaryk University Language Centre has become a dynamic organization of many educational as well as research interests. Since we undoubtedly share these interests and face similar problems with other European language centres, departments, institutions, faculties and schools, we invite higher education teaching staff, researchers and managers to present, share and discuss their ideas in a creative atmosphere of our conference.



The official language of the conference is English. Submissions can also be presented in Czech, Slovak, German, French, Russian or Spanish.

Conference fees: The conference is free of charge.


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